About Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Founded on November 7, 1938 ( Kartik Sud Purnima, Samvat 1995) by Kulpati Dr. K.M.Munshi with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi when he felt that Independent India would need the binding force of a pan-Indian movement, a pan-Indian spirit and a pan-Indian ethos which would present to contemporary Indians, a glimpse of the composite magnificence of ancient times.

Bhavan was launched to supplement the political unity of India with the cultural and spiritual unity of India. Bhavan Is a symbol of the intellectual, literacy, education, ethical , cultural and spiritual life of India.

A bridge between science and spirituality & an adventure in faith and work of GOD. Bhavan is a comprehensive national institution with an international outlook, with

  • 375 Constituent Institutions,
  • 119 Centers in India,
  • 7 Overseas Centers
  • Comprehensive educational institutions: from kindergarten to post-graduate training in Sanskrit and Vedic studies; Dance Drama and Music; Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Management, Sociology, Life and Health Sciences.
  • Publications named Book University which cover a wide range and variety of subjects of ancient and modern thought.
  • Bhavan’s Publication with over 2000+ titles
  • A 40 years matured & successful Gujarati fortnightly magazine’ Navneet Samarpan’ .

Kulpati Dr. Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi

Born on 30th December, 1887 in the town of Bharuch in Gujarat Kulpati ji Munshi has visualized an Independent India & a body to supplement the politically unity of India with the Cultural and Spiritual Unity of India. His sense of India as the Motherland of the Spirit impressed him irreversibly. And so, as he moved professionally and politically, rung by rung, it was with a sense of pride in the cultural, intellectual and spiritual heritage of India. For him, India was not just a nation but an ongoing civilization; not an accident of history but a design of destiny. For him, the vitality of Indian culture and its self-renewing greatness constituted a flying principle. Munshi showed that a man with pride in the past could also have faith in the future through the instruments of science and technology.

Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan is a movement of culturally rich living & serving with fundamental values of life.

Kanaiyalal-Maneklal-Munshi - Bcaca


Rohit Mehta - Bcaca

Chairman's Message

With aim to spread the nectarine wisdom and to provide an efficient supportive and effective environment to art & Culture. BCACA has been made active & two ultramodern auditoriums were created.  We glad that the platform is becoming wide & enhanced to support & execute activities which can match international standards. We invite more artists, communities, organizations to be with a true spirit and same aim.

Rohit Mehta

Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Ahmedabad Kendra

Secretary's Message

Munshiji used to say, Bhavan’s is the work of GOD, – Time and Again we have felt the presence of the the divine in our midst. Thusm, in all the activities of Bhavan;s Ahmedabad, the team was blessed from all the sides. The decision of re-starting the cultural epitome of Ahmedabad, itself was a celebration. It was a sheer hard work of team & immense guidance, encouragement & support from management which made success possible.

Mukesh Patel

Hon. Secretary, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

Ahmedabad Kendra

Shri Mukeshbhai Patel
Sri Jigar Rana

Director's Message

It gives an immense pleasure & feeling blessed with the overall support in the journey of three year. With the vision to provide suitable environment for the growth of Culture and Arts with the highest quality & lowest cost, BCACA is on the right path to become a favourite location of Artists & Audience. Facilitating learning is embedded in the roots of Bhavan’s, creating moments of celebrations with various piece of Art & Culture was demand. & fortunately, we have been surrounded by the people who have appreciated the work, – Supported & motivated to do new things.

We are hopeful that the same patronage will be continued to build a better future. Ideas, Suggestions & Associations are our true navigation.

Jigar Rana

Hon. Director.- BCACA


Established in 1965, the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s Ahmedabad Kendra is among the oldest academic campus with three colleges, management & communication institute, computer Institute 84 cultural center in Gujarat. The campus is celebrating its 50th year with rich past and present.

Institutions run by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Ahmedabad Kendra:

  • Bhavan’s Sheth R.A. College of Arts and Commerce
  • Bhavan’s Sheth R.A.College of Science
  • Bhavan’s H.B.Institute of Communication and Management
  • Bhavan’s Gandhi Institute of Computer Application
  • Bhavan’s Cultural Academy & Centre for Arts

Bharitya Vidya Bhavan is at present constituted by the following most learned and noble members of the city’s leading families whose aristocratic, philanthropic and progressive outlook have always proved a boosting force for the development of the Kendra under their command with parental care .

Shri Rohitbhai C. Mehta Chairman
Shri Vipinbhai S. Parikh Vice-Chairman
Shri Mukeshbhai Patel Hon. Secretary
Shri Navnitbhai G. Chokshi Member
Shri Sudhirbhai Nanavati Member
Shri Prakashbhai Bhagwati Member
Shri Gaurav Shah Member
Smt. Jayshreeben Member
Col. (Rtd.) Rajesh Saklani Kendra Coordinator
Dr. Neerja Arun Principal, Bhavan’s Sheth R.A. College of Arts and Commerce
Dr. H. M. Patel Principal (VC), Bhavan’s Sheth R.A.College of Science
Dr. Paavan Pandit Hon. Dir. Bhavan’s H.B.Institute of Communication and Management
Jigar Rana Hon. Director, Bhavan’s Cultural Academy & Centre for Arts